Bare Lashed Co.

We are so glad you are here. If you are anything like us, you love all things beauty. On the top of our list, lashes. We couldn't live without them, and would never want to. So, we created our very own brand with top quality luxury products that keep our lashes looking their best at all times, and yours too.


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Luxe At Home Lashes- How To

  • Step 1

    Ensure your lashes are clean. Take a ribbon of lashes and trim it into segments to create a perfect set.

  • Step 2

    Use bonder and apply a layer to your natural lashes. Using your Bare Tweezers take a lash segment and apply to the underside of your natural lash. Starting from your inner corner.

  • Step 3

    Whip out your sealer. Apply sealer to the top and bottom of lashes focusing on base to the top of your natural lash- anywhere bonder was applied! Look in the mirror and say "Hello, Hottie"

Professional Products