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Bare Lashed Co.

Bare Luxe At Home Lashes

Bare Luxe At Home Lashes

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Design the set of your dreams at home! From classics to volume, to an in between hybrid set. You can have it all. 

We have crafted our very first at home lashes. 

Lashes come in a strip with multiple segments, trim off your segment and say hello to the start of something stunning. Crafted with no heavy glue from packaging, keeping the segment light and comfortable. 

You receive three different styles: The Dupe, Hybrid, and Classic. Mix and Match or use just one and watch your eyes transform.

Minimally 10 sets worth of lashes, and translated to time is 10 weeks of looking like a bombshell!

5-7 day wear per set.

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Our Technique

The under lash technique creates a seamless set and helps blend your natural lash with the false lashes. Simply apply bonder and place your false lash as close as possible to your waterline without touching it. Our lashes are designed with the thinnest band for comfortable wear and a barely there feel.